It really is A Wise Idea To Raise Your Own Herbs

It may look like a lot of labor to grow your own fruits and vegetables. An herb garden is something to think about when your time is limited. The product perhaps may not look that significant, but if you enjoy cooking with herbs, you will have plenty of fresh herbs anytime you need them. You can decide what to raise from a wide variety of herbs. You can get started by selecting herbs that you normally use to cook with.
It's wonderful to know that you can always have fresh herbs and you can save money by not having to buy them at the store. At first, you should start with the essentials like dill, mint, sage, chives, rosemary or parsley. It's best that the dirt you choose for your herbs is able to drain out the water so it won't sit and cause your herbs to rot. Should you have a water drainage problem, you'll want to dig your soil down a foot, add in a layer of crushed rocks, and then put the soil back on top of the rocks. The water will drain appropriately and your plants will start to grow well.

It may be attractive to buy more expensive plants for your garden once you start out but you should not do that. You are better off purchasing the seeds instead and they are a lot less expensive. Certain herbs mature really fast, like mint, which could take over your whole garden in only days. Aggressive plants should be planted in containers, with holes in the bottom for drainage, and this will prevent the problem. Because you worked hard to raise your herbs, you have to be careful when you harvest them. It is critical that the plants look robust and healthy before you start removing any of the leaves.
You may want to wait a few months so that your plant can become strong enough for you to start using the leaves. Your herbs will survive for many years if you are willing to wait in the beginning. As soon as they are robust enough, it's possible to use the herbs for cooking. Before you use certain herbs, you will have to dry them first by laying them on a cookie sheet and baking them in an oven for two to four hours at a temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you have dried them, you really are all set to use them in your cooking.
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You should contemplate doing an herb garden, especially if you appreciate gardening and like herbs. Setting it up to begin with requires a little work to get the waterflow and drainage right, and choosing the herbs you want to grow. Nevertheless when your garden is prospering, you'll be able to harvest them and use them for cooking.

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